Tuesday, 3 August 2010

a whiff of Nepal

Have been on a bit of an Oolong kick lately, and really enjoy this sort that I found a few moths ago at a shop in Landshut (an hour and a half northeast of Munich). The estate is called Jun Chiyabari and here's their website:


I've only had their Oolong, but I can highly recommend it. Only had the first infusion tonight, so that's all I can report on, but this one's so good, I'll likely keep talking about it periodically. That first sip was so smooth and clean. Fruity and, as with most Oolongs, definitely not bitter.

Like the story of this estate that I read on their website. Most of the teas I research are grown on estates that seem to have been around since time immemorial. This is a fresh, new operation.

I like that's it's in Nepal, but they have the experience of growing in Darjeeling. As much as I like the Oolong, I can't wait to get my hands on some of their green tea.


  1. I have a whole jumble of nepalese teas that I have to review that I obtained at the expo! I hope you enjoy them once they are up!
    But yes when it comes to tea they do know what they're doing!

  2. Thanks for posting about Jun Chiyabari tea. I first met some fine folks from that estate 5 years ago at the World Tea Expo. Simply delicious tea. I've been lucky enough to try several wonderful first flush blacks and a few magical oolongs from them.

  3. I've seen tea for sale from this estate, but never tried it. But I have added three oolongs from Nepal to RateTea.net. I have yet to try ANY tea from Nepal though. From what I've read, it is similar to Darjeeling tea--as most of the tea in Nepal is grown in the directly adjacent area, and the climate in that area varies more north/south than east/west anyway.

    Have you had many Darjeeling oolongs...enough to say if this tasted like a Darjeeling oolong? I've had mixed feelings about Darjeeling oolongs...they tend to be thin and very vegetal, which can go either way for me. But I will gladly stand behind Soureni organic oolong from Fresh Darjeeling tea--that's among the best oolongs I've had, without a doubt the best oolong (at least according to my tastes) that was not from China or Taiwan.

  4. I've had only one Darjeeling Oolong called 'Rohini', and it's good but not great. And only a few infusions are possible before the tea is merely coloured water.