Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wasted tea

Continue to be astounded at how many times one can infuse the same Oolong. My morning almost always starts out with an Assam, but soon after that first pot I'm often onto an Oolong.

I used to steep Oolong for five or more minutes, and have also been impressed that it can be equally tasty after only a few minutes. Lately, I've been really enjoying Formosa Oolong, but I'm still under the impression that this name can mean a lot of things. Taiwan was called Formosa the same way that Sri Lanka used to be Ceylon.

It's not that I doubt that this tea came from Taiwan. I just think there's probably a more specific name that it might have and the Formosa Oolong is rather generic.

But after the first steeping, I went into the city for a few appointments. When I got back home, I steeped the same tea again (once more for only a few minutes-once again excellent taste despite the short time) and a third infusion before a light evening meal.

I try not to think about how much tea I've thrown away after only one infusion.

Not doing a very good job of it...keep thinking about all that wasted tea.


  1. I am sure it comes from Taiwan

    And for wasted tea, just think about the tea you won't waste in the future. :P

  2. Minimum one re-steep is my rule. Not to be economical, just because a second infusion has a different taste.
    Rich people used to give their servants the used tea leaves to brew their own tea with.

  3. I occasionally feel sad about this too. But it's not totally wasted; I compost all my tea so what I don't drink goes into the garden.

    There are a lot of other aspects of my life that have more waste...unnecessary car trips...or work that I do and then have to re-do because I did it poorly. Or days where I'm just in a bad mood and not getting anything done. Or material goods that I spend money on that I don't really need. I suspect the same probably goes for most people...it's nice to think about the tea but probably not worth worrying about!