Sunday, 16 May 2010

Breaking open teabags

Because I've been learning about editing video online, I've been knee-deep in different clips I've found all over the net. Am not going to mention what site I found most of it on, but you know. Who else, right?

Have seen some very fun video blogs the last several days. Every time I'm told to do an exercise by the facilitator of the workshop I'm doing, I go to tea blogs or clips about tea. Why not? Am still learning despite the fact that I#m researching another topic.

Watched @The_Devotea's archives and an Asian woman explaining why tea bags are deceptive about the quality of their tea. This morning before I was fully conscious, I saw the lady from the Bigelow family explaining the same thing. Breaking open teabags and discussing what teadust was.

I loved how concisely she described the difference between green, black and Oolong tea preparation when she discussed caffeine amounts in the these different tea types. She's really not bad. I have to admit that we always had Constant Comment in the pantry whenI was growing up, and I was curious what she had to say about its recipe from the forties.

Because I'm travelling today, I would really rather add the clip here later. You can find it anyway. You know where.


  1. No, I don't know where. Tell me. >=O

  2. I wonder where the "Constant Comment" name comes from...

    Tea bags for me work in an emergency. They are so small they can easily be slipped into purses, jacket pockets etc. I don't see much point in spending money on fancy tea bags with better quality tea as those are way more expensive than loose leaf tea. You just pay for the packaging.

    By the way Foxy (ha), there's a little "watch" button on our site, top right, which is basically a collection of hundreds of tea videos. Just thought you might want to know.

    I raise my oolong cup of tea to you all,

  3. I agree with Jackie.

    Thanks for the always cunning Fox to save me from asking such a question (since I knew at least three possible answers) :P

  4. My problem in Belgium isn't the quality of the tea at all--it's the fact that they bring you some tepid water and THEN the box of old tea bags. Sigh. I just don't order tea in Belgium. I have to make it myself if I want a decent cup.

    Rant over. I'm glad I found your site!

  5. Thank you so much for watching our video and commenting here on your blog. Here is the link, Asiatic Fox, to the video where you can learn what's in your teabag:

    And Jackie, please visit our blog or watch this video to learn more about the first tea that Ruth Cambpbell Bigelow made, Constant Comment tea (hint, the tea was so great that it caused nothing but constant comments from her friends):

    Thanks to you all for being Bigleow Tea supporters!!

    Valorie for Bigelow Tea

  6. Interesting video.

    TEA DUST. >=O