Wednesday, 26 May 2010

When the heavens opened up...

Tonight there was a huge thunderstorm that swooped into Munich from the West. I'd had a full evening of appointments, and was on my way home on the train.

There I was at the main train station, when the skies opened up. The roof of the Hauptbahnhof sounded like it might cave in the rain was so hard. Thunder, lightning, ynd things going *bump* in the night. What a feeling to be in the midst of all that power.

What was I doing while mother nature was rearing her ugly head? I still had half a thermos of Oolong that I'd made in the early afternoon. Because I'd warmed my thermos before pouring my tea in there, the dark brown liquid was still piping hot. Amazing really. What an invention-the thermos.

When I was a kid, my dad packed a thermos of coffee everyday before he went to work. The inner core of his thermos was made of glass, and one single time I saw him drop it. It shattered on the pavement, he threw it out, and later that afternoon, he returned from the store with the broken thermos's replacement.

Instead of a thermos of coffee, like my dad, there I was watching the heavens come pouring down, while I poured Milky Oolong down my gullet. So smooth, so delicious. Mother nature may do what she likes as long as I still have my tea.


  1. Inner glass core? In a thermos? What were they thinking?

    My mom loves thunderstorms so much. She gets really excited when one comes around, and she opens the door to hear and see it.

    You seem to be quite taken with the Milky Oolong.

  2. I too remember the glass thermos. Stainless steel is a lovely alternative, though mine is dented quite a bit. Happy sipping.