Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Enough with the flippin' tea reviews already

I'm sure all of you are reading, but there's just nothing to respond to when all I do is review teas. Teas that you'll likely never see or read about again. There you are. Two days of blog that I can't get back.

Sooooo...now I'm back. The real lahjikmajoe:

Drank a lot of tea today. Gallons of the stuff. Quantity not quality is what I say. Ok, maybe not. What I really say is, 'Quantity and quality'. Both of them. More and more often.

Thank you sir. May I 'ave another?

Here's what I've been thinking about lately and what tea I was drinking when I came to the conclusions stated.

Did you see that documentary a few years ago called The Corporation? It treated major multi-national corporations as if they were pathological and unstable mental patients. Based on that premise, it essentially said that your typical run-of-the-mill huge corporation was the equivalent of a depraved hellbent-for-leather sort of 'Nick Nolte on a bender'. Not that that's necessarily a problem. I'm sure Nick Nolte is fun while the party lasts. I was drinking a Milky Oolong while contemplating this part.

The next thing is about Obama. Don't think I'm going to pile on old Obama. He's still doing fine by me. Really. But honestly. The posturing about BP. Are you serious? Does anyone believe the Obama administration can do a damned thing about BP? Short answer: he can't. Full-stop. BP and Shell and Montesanto (sp?) and Nestle and Kraft and Coke and Archer Daniels Midland...they'll do what they like. No matter what Amadieneshad and Kim Jong Il do, they're small potatoes compared to the lords of Big Oil and Bigger (more processed) food. While I was just ranting while writing that last part, I was drinking some Formosa Oolong.

And here's the last piece of mental walkabout for you relatively quiet readers (invitation to flippin' say something in the comments section after this post):

Mustard is far superior to mayonnaise. Any mustard. All mustard is better than the nicest of mayo. I wasn't drinking any tea for that one. I was eating mustard. Mustard slathered all over some more mustard.


  1. I OBJECT. >=O

    Mustard and mayonnaise are both good. Together, they are amazing!


  2. I'm passionate about doing something about big agribusiness but I often share your sentiment that the mainstream political establishment is probably not the most effective way to work towards a more healthy and sustainable food supply.

    This is part of the idea behind RateTea.net. I think that something simple like actually paying attention to the flavors and aromas of what you are drinking (and eating) can be a highly subversive activity...it can open up a whole world that can ultimately change people's buying behavior.

    I also want to raise issues of regional differences in teas' character and hopefully get people to realize that those sorts of differences exist in all other types of food as well. And I want to get people to start thinking about how tea is produced (and thus, make them more open to start thinking about how all food and drink is produced).

    Overly ambitious? Possibly, but it can't hurt to try...and what's the other option, just sit around and do nothing? That's not who I am.