Saturday, 8 May 2010

What sort of tea goes with miserable football?


Somehow I was able to sneak a thermos into the stadium a few weeks ago. Because it worked so much better than expected, I plan to see how much I can manage again tomorrow. A picnic? Actual bone china teacups? Will do what I can, take photos and report on the results.

It's the last match of the season. Am going with a crowd of rough trouble-makers. The last thing they're thinking about is tea. With these animals, I'm always a bit nervous they'll get angry at the officiating and go out onto the pitch. If they do, they'll be going without me.

Can't you just see it? My hooligan friends completely without regard for human decency scurrying over the barricades to attack the opposing players or photographer or the guy dressed as a Disney character...all the while, I'll be sitting calmly sipping my tea. Happy that I know better than to try and provoke the German police.

Am sure some of you are saying, 'What does football have to do with tea?'

Well, it does. Why does football have to be associated with beer? I know it's the most logical fit, but still. Bowling makes me think of White Russians. And Bourbon goes with the Kentucky Derby (for obvious reasons). Cricket is much more associated with tea, but I'm no cricket fan.

So while everyone else in the stadium is enjoying malted hops, I'll be clandestinely sipping my tea. What would you suggest I brew for the big event?

A little backstory: it's one of the worst teams in the second division of German football (Zweite Bundesliga) and no lead is ever safe. Watched them leading 3-0 going into the 80th minute against Wiesbaden a few years ago, and they blew it. The game finished 3-3.

What tea goes with a miserable football side? Am sure some of you support a terrible team and you can help me out. Red Dave need not answer. And you FC Bayern fans can enjoy your title(s) and please be quiet about it. Enough already.

You have about 12 hours to influence my tea choice.


Well, my prediction was totally off. We won. Handily. Was unbelievable. I screamed so much that I have no voice left. Am glad I had both tea in the stadium and another thermos in the car for the drive home. During the match, I drank a blend of Assam Hajua and Assam Greenwood.

Afterward, I had a Japan Sencha Fudjithat helped soothe my throat.


  1. If you feel you need to have a 'manliness factor', you could always go for the smoky and powerful Lapsang Souchong. Otherwise, choose another black. While white and green and oolong are nice, they just don't feel like something a tea drinker would have at a football game.

    I don't have much experience with black yet, but the Yunnan black I've tried is pretty good. You seem to be very into the black tea (or, well, you just happen to drink them quite often), so you should have a good idea of what you should take.

  2. Or, perhaps, if the team really does suck, and you feel bold enough, then have a white or green tea in order to mock/patronize them.

  3. Footie and tea are a natural combination. Consider England, where many matches are played in a driving rainstorm and 8C. The most important element for drink (or food) when outdoors in England is not flavor but, "Will it be hot?" Beer is for after the match.

    So - black tea as strong as you can make it, milk and sugar to personal preference.

    And a little flask of Jameson's in your other pocket....

  4. Not sure what tea goes with the soccer, but just make sure you don't wear a tutu while sipping your brewed leaves. Because it's not the tea that maketh you not a man in the eyes of the hooligans, it's the choice of outfit. A macho ensemble of sturdy pants with a rugged shirt, and steel capped boots - the perfect gear for a cup of football tea.

  5. A Fox: Yes, it has to be black.

    BobL: my companions are mostly transplanted Brits. They think Beer is for before, during and after the match.

    Jackie: because of your much-needed assistance, my tutu is going back in the closet now. Whew...that was a close one. Almost wore it to the stadium.

  6. I like the addition of pictures!
    Hope the game was good! =]

  7. ...I know those types. They think that beer is for before, during, and after everything.

    Could be an age thing. On a typical Saturday morning, my Brit friend and I will go through 6+ cups of tea each watching footie on TV. "Morning" because we're -6 hours to the UK...

  8. Love it, BobL.

    When my wife starts making noises about moving back to the States, I imagine not being able to watch football anymore.

    Thanks for reminding me that I'll just have to get up really early.