Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A body wants what a body wants

Feel ill today.

For once I'm drinking tea because my not-well body demands it for medicinal reasons.

When I was in Hamburg several weeks ago, I was talking to a shop owner, and she said that people naturally gravitate to tea when they're ill. Not just tea drinkers either.

Coffe drinkers, who'd never ever touch the stuff, will heat up the water and throw a tea-bag in. I find it really interesting that this is something that our body does naturally.

This morning, I awakened with that scratchy sensation I get in my throat when I know a cold is coming. Instead of even considering black or even green tea, my hand reached out for the Rooibus. Now, I have nothing against Rooibus. I like it even. But I only have it in the house to serve other people. And for when I'm ill. Like today.

It's a Rooibus with pieces of orange in it. And I drink it with inappropriate amounts of honey mixed in. It's the only thing that makes my throat feel better.

Hope you're still out there reading. I'll talk about *real* tea again tomorrow.


  1. Tea is a cure all!
    Drink up my friend, and be jovial =]

  2. Rooibos is a real tea. You just loaded it up with honey. XD

  3. Rooibos has a lot of powerful medicinal properties--which is of particular interest because it's so safe for use as a beverage. It hasn't been studied nearly as much as tea but there is evidence that it is helpful with respiratory problems, which would explain why it's so good if you have a cold. Several of my friends have also said it is effective for alleviating asthma.

    A little bit of this info is included on the page on Rooibos...check it out if you want to find links/citations to studies of some of these problems.

    In particular there's evidence that it's an effective bronchodilator (helps breathing), and it also has antioxidants whose effects are comparable to tea. There was even one study that found rooibos can prevent radiation damage! Good stuff! =)

  4. Alex:
    I'm glad you're still coming here and staying active in the conversation. I use your more and more. There are SOOO many green teas that I read about there that I wish I could try. Right now. Really enjoy it.

    Sir Will and Ice:
    Feel much better, and I attribute it to the tea.

    A Fox:
    Yep. Lot's of honey.