Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Virtual tea party

Imagine we were somehow able to have tea with each other here. What on earth would we talk about? There’s no question that we’re a motley crew. As is normal with most blogs, there are some of you who make comments and others who are loyal readers but they’d sooner declaw themselves with pliers than leave any record of having been here.

That’s ok. Am relatively sure my friend Jana still drops in now and then. She religiously read my blog called spearewinds and this tea nonsense is even more to her liking. She’s an anglophile of the highest order.

I could list the others who are lurking, but that might take a while and show the limitlessness of my imagination. Instead I’ll mention the regulars who do make noise. There’s my Canadian friend Asiatic Fox and our New Mexican amigo called Sir William of the Leaf. You likely know of them already. They’re the most regular commenters. Even when they don’t like what I’ve scrawled here, they’ll make a positive comment. I read their blogs. It’s a nice thing.

Then there’s Ice Hellion. Also consistent in the interaction department. I get the impression that Ice has a devilish sense of humour, but that might be my fantasy acting up again. And I can't leave out BobL. He's made some very astute comments about tea and tea drinkers. His participation is greatly appreciated.

Hazelblackberry and Shirley are regular readers despite the fact that neither of them is a tea drinker. That's ok. If they made the journey, I'd happily make coffee. I'm a decent host and make excellent coffee.

Alex is a tea blogger and tea expert who always has something informative to add. When I’ve been hung up on something or frustrated trying to decipher a topic, Alex has often come to the rescue. He’s got a site about rating tea and a blog as well. Check them out.

Although she’s been otherwise occupied of late, Jackie has been a regular visitor here. Her comments also have a tinge of sarcasm. It’s what I appreciate most about her visits. And how could I forget Jeffrey? He's offered invaluable tips and advice on how to keep it *real*. Thanks dude.

So, what would we talk about over a cuppa? This virtual world is fantastic for playing make believe. How would we interact with one another sitting around my front room here in Munich-Neuhausen? Would we avoid mentioning politics? I certainly hope not. Or would a few of you be wishing I was serving Bavarian beer rather than the tea? I could serve you an Augustiner if you’d prefer that. Who'd be tea mother? Who'd politely avoid commenting on the questionable quality of the biscuits I served?

I mean it. What might we talk about were you here drinking tea with me right now? Be creative.


  1. I really like this post. I often consider what it'd be like to enjoy tea with some of my virtual friends. I feel I have so much more in common with them all, but i'm not sure if that's because we are all part of the minority that are tea drinkers or not. Regardless, i'd sure be interested in all of the above as far as beverages go! Maybe start with tea and venture onto Bavarian beer afterwards, or double fist with tea in one hand and beer in the other :)

  2. Thinking we would talk about the usual things: politics, relationships, books and films. My goodness, this sounds like a wonderful idea.

  3. Screw virtual tea parties. I want a passport, and a plane ticket to Munich, and I want them now. I wanna sit down and enjoy some tea with you Ken, face-to-face.


  4. I have an advantage over our friends from America, I am closer and I don't need a passport.

    As for cookies, I don't comment on them, I just ate them :D
    And I think that we should first comment on your tea (I am not really into beer) and then turn to whatever subject might feet the day.
    This could leas us to some interesting places since I already told Sir William of the Leaf that I am the Mad Hatter.

    And for my devilish sense of humour, I will let you and the others judge but beware of what you say :P

  5. LissaMarie,
    #tea and Bier? Ok. To each her own.

    Asiatic Fox and Sir William,
    You're certainly welcome. Hamburg is a far better German city for #tea.

    Took theTGV last year and it was fantastic. Not a German train, but nearly as good.