Friday, 21 May 2010

Nondescript green tea

Had a really good Rucola salad with goat cheese tonight, and I wanted to share something you might not expect on a teablog. I had a green tea after my meal. Normally, I'd go on and on about the name and how it tasted. I'd try and be as descriptive as Sir William or Asiatic Fox when they describe what they taste in their tea. I'd mention grass or whatever. I'm sure I would mean it too, but this time I was enjoying a completely nondescript green tea.

Twas nice.

For a brief few minutes, I wasn't a tea nut. No blog. No tea friends. Just a guy digesting a goat cheese salad. And drinking a green tea.

Don't misunderstand-I enjoy doing the blog...I feel like I'm part of a subset of social media. If you know many people who do twitter, you've seen the hierarchy of the tea intelligentsia.

They make it easier to get into tea, but insist that it has to be just so. That they haven't called me out here and taken away my blogger license yet is a testament to how lax the rules are. Let me recap my blogposts I've enjoyed the most.

Although the few times I've posted fiction, it hasn't been particularly well-received. I liked asking about whether tea improved one's prowess in the boudoir. That got reasonable response. So does the reaction when I come up with fantasy in which I have tea with real life people (living or dead). I still like my religion post in which I try to pin which teas correspond to which religious beliefs.

If you think the variety of tea-related stuff I parade out here is heavy on the parade and light on the tea, you should feel fortunate that you don't see what ends on the cutting room floor.

It's not pretty.


  1. "That they haven't called me out here and taken away my blogger license yet is a testament to how lax the rules are."

    There are, believe it or not, strict rules to just happen to be following them quite well. They are:

    (1) Don't steal content.
    (2) Be interesting.
    (3) Participate / engage with others.

    Failing to follow (1) can get you shut down quickly if someone flags your blog, whereas failing on (2) and (3) won't shut down your blog, but may make it languish in obscurity.

    You clearly have been doing all three which is why you are doing fine! =)

  2. You have your own voice and your own methods to this blog.
    Keep that up. We all enjoy it very much!

  3. Alex and Sir Will,

    You two made my morning. Thanks.

    I wrote this in a cranky mood last night and am surprised I got any responses. The fact that any of you think this is worth reading makes me smile. Inappropriately so.

    So often I want to write things that have absolutely nothing to do with tea. For example, I was listening to a meandering Bob Dylan song yesterday ('Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts'), which I've done for hours at a time since I was a teenager, and I suddenly thought to myself that I'd really like to write something about that song.

    Doesn't work in a teablog, right? I guess not.

    But what if I consider the kind of tea I'd serve the three main characters? And the Hanging Judge? There's a post. That post is just begging to be written.

    You certainly won't read that post anywhere else. I assure you.

  4. It's your blog, Ken, you can post what you like. It doesn't always have to be tea stuff.

    That said, I would like to see more tea reviews from you, though.